Last Chance for HIGHLIGHTS

HIGHLIGHTS: The RISD Graduate Thesis Book, an exhibition of 37 theses highlighting exemplary approaches to research, writing, and design, is up for just two more days—through Sunday, October 7, at Sol Koffler Gallery (CIT/169 Weybosset).

Here’s what people have been saying in the visitor book ...

"So strong, so important, so beautifully executed!"
"Makes me excited to tackle my own future thesis."
"Fantastic show! The more undergraduates who see this [too], the better."
"A resource every working artist should have access to." 
"A strong display of the innovative thinking that will change the world."
”♡ Highlights”

We ♡ watching visitors dig in to the books and even do some writing in the space …


Once the show comes down, the thesis books will be back in the Library, and the accompanying Book of Thesis Books will soon be distributed around campus. Here’s an excerpt including the introduction and one thesis from each of the five categories (academic thesis, monograph, project document, mosaic essay, and artist’s book). We’re looking at print-on-demand options, so stay tuned or contact if you’d like a copy.