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A&L offers peer tutoring for a wide range of writing projects (academic papers, graduate thesis books, grants, artist statements, fiction) at any stage of the process (brainstorming, drafting, revising).

Public Speaking

Peer tutors support students with public speaking projects (formal talks, informal discussion, critique dialogue, interviews), engaging varied strategies (confidence, signposting, voice). 

Visual Communication

A&L provides tutoring for visual communication projects (portfolios, thesis books, presentation slides, résumés) to improve overall legibility and build students’ skills (with color, type, grids, images).

Multilingual Learning

A&L supports multilingual learners in developing various skills (acquiring new vocabulary, gaining fluency, navigating intercultural rhetoric) through peer and professional tutoring and English language workshops.

Student Publishing

A&L advises RISD’s student-run publication v.1 ( and consults on any student publishing project (articles, blogs, books, zines, podcasts, websites).

& …

None of these spheres are autonomous; in fact, most intersect. We love hybrids, collaborating, and imagining new ways to work together (workshops, symposia, exhibitions, gatherings).