Multilingual Learning

Our peer tutors and professional staff support multilingual learners through individual tutoring and workshops. We offer help with English for academic purposes and art and design language for critique, studio visits, and presentations. We are also available to the larger community to assist in building strategies that support more effective multilingual learning.

Our peer tutors can help you:

– Work on all kinds of language-based projects, including writing, public speaking, and visual communication
– Interpret cultural and institutional expectations by sharing their own experience

Our professional staff, A&L Assistant Director for Multilingual Learning Maya Krinsky and ELL Specialist Peter Carney, can help you:

– Work on writing and speaking projects
– Assess your proficiency and create a plan that prioritizes your language study needs
– Learn useful grammatical concepts using art, design, and Liberal Arts content
– Learn strategies for independent study and self-assessment in reading and listening
– Improve speaking in critique
– Learn culturally distinct rhetoric and expectations
– Better meet departmental/academic expectations

Who Are Multilingual Learners?

Multilingual learners include both international students and US students — anyone whose first language is not English or who was raised with multiple languages. We use this term to acknowledge the importance and influence of engaging with multiple languages simultaneously even when using a single idiom to work or study, as well as the larger multilingual context of the classroom. We also use the acronym ELL to mean English Language Learning, as a way of identifying offerings specific to advancing English proficiency.

Language & Culture

With multiple languages come multiple cultural perspectives. Culture is essential to communication and affects communication styles, regional and cultural semantics, nonverbal language, and other variable aspects of language. A greater awareness of differences and norms helps the whole community foster greater understanding.

For more information about English language support for Multilingual Learners, email


Learning English through graphic design encourages me to keep working and improve both at the same time. It helps to be surrounded by a very inclusive community where native speakers and other international students empathize with you. A&L has been very helpful for me as I improve my communication skills, both writing and speaking.
— Maria Rull Bescos, MFA Graphic Design, 2018