Here are a few of our favorite online resources and articles. We have a small library of books on the topics below, too; stop by any time to have a look.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) 
Extensive resources on anything from process to style to citation formats from the pioneering Purdue Writing Lab.

Chicago Manual of Style 
Information of citation style and format; accessible from any computer on RISD's network.

Texas A&M’s Writing & Speaking Guides
Rich and varied resources with links to handouts, videos, and podcasts on topics from comma rules to scientific lab reports to news writing.

Lynda Barry Writing Exercises 
Set of four writing exercises created and led by comics artist Lynda Barry.

Fleet Library Research Guides
Fleet librarians have gathered resources and databases for researching within specific fields, and even some specific classes.

Public Speaking
Scott Berkun speaking at Authors@Google 
Great insights into common mistakes and great strategies for public speaking.

Amy Cuddy, TED: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are 
On using power stances and confident body language.

Visual Communication
Garr Reynolds’s Top Ten Slide Tips 
Advice on designing presentation slides. 
All RISD students have free access to this collection of video tutorials, including many on graphic design principles and using Adobe Creative Suite programs.

ELL Study Resources
UIowa "Sounds of Speech" Phonetics Guide
Animation-based guide to the consonant and vowel sounds of American English

American English pronunciation study resource that includes audio and visual material as well as lessons

The Speech Accent Archive
An archive of accents from both native and non-native speakers of English, useful for understanding regional differences in accent.  

Phrasal Verb Dictionary 
More than 3,000 English phrasal verbs with definitions and examples.

Lyrics Training 
Website that offers music videos in English and other languages where you can fill in the blanks and practice listening.

CNN 10 
A 10-minute news show that “explains global news to a global audience.”

Artists Writing
Jan Svenungsson, The Writing Artist
A persuasive analysis and taxonomy of twentieth-century artists' writings.

Jennifer Liese, Toward a History (and Future) of the Artist Statement
A comparison of historic and contemporary artist statements and a call for renewed heterogeneity.

A Year of Positive Thinking and
Two of our favorite artist’s blogs.

Teaching Writing
Rhoda Flaxman, Creating Meaningful Writing Assignments

Rhoda Flaxman, Offering Meaningful Commentary on Student Writing 

Nancy Sommers, Responding to Student Writing

Kerry Walk, Teaching with Writing

Muriel Harris, Talking in the Middle: Why Writers Need Writing Tutors

Teaching Writing in Art and Design Schools
Writing Research Reports by RISD Faculty 
A collection of internal research reports from RISD’s Academic Commons Program (2013–15). Six focus on writing pedagogy: Ciutto, Law & Galvez, Leader, Cabell & Stubbs, Byrne, and Cornell (links available only when connected to RISD Wifi).

Christina Halliday, “I came to art school so I wouldn't have to write...” 
Reflections on writing in art school by former faculty member at Ontario College of Art and Design.

Orr, Blythman, and Mullin, Designing Your Writing/Writing Your Design 
Comparative study of writing experiences at art and design schools in the US and UK, published in Across the Disciplines

Teaching in Multilingual Environments
Writing Across Borders 
Video on the various rhetorical traditions of different cultures in the context of American higher education.

Multiliteracy Pedagogy
A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: Designing Social Futures 
The New London Group’s seminal 1996 article arguing that “The multiplicity of communications channels and increasing cultural and linguistic diversity in the world today call for a much broader view of literacy than portrayed by traditional language-based approaches.”